27 May 2008

Now showing: NTR and Vikram

Adam Gilchrist is a legend. Having redefined the wicketkeeper batsman, he led the Aussies to their first victory on Indian soil for godknowshowmany years. Having little left to prove, he takes the arena for his IPL swansong, playing only for pride. Not for a moment does he need to justify his paypacket.

Not M S Dhoni. Not yet a legend, but could be on the way. The man with the almost Midas touch, he badly needs an IPL semi-final slot to justify the vast sum of money he was bought for.

(Pictures: Top left, N T Rama Rao, Telugu superstar who rose to fame playing characters from Hindu mythology and then became a Chief Minister who changed the nature of South Indian politics forever. Bottom right, Vikram, already a Tamil superstar, he has delivered hits to almost all his producers.)

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Soulberry said...

Ha ha ha. John, we southies know our filmy instincts!

There will be plenty of aaiyyos and kannas. The ocean levels will rise a few inches tonight with all the cinema tears flowing into it tonight...it's an important game for CSK though, and they are looking good and able already with two wickets in theie pocket. (Gilly and Gibbs)

What can Mamba and Venu do now?