24 May 2008

Anderson continues to perplex

32.3 Anderson to How, OUT, that's a peach, Anderson has produced a most beautiful away-seamer, fantastic seam position, pitches on off, straightens a shade and kisses the edge of the bat, How pokes tentatively but has no answer to that one, Ambrose completes an easy catch and England are on top. That was the best ball of the day so far.
JM How c Ambrose b Anderson 64 (110b 7x4 0x6) SR: 58.18

40.3 Anderson to Flynn, no run, he's missed that and there's blood on the pitch, he tries to pull a short one but that's too quick for him, struck full on on the face and that seems to have gone through the grill, he's taken off his helmet and is spewing blood on the ground
DR Flynn retired hurt 4 (13b 1x4 0x6) SR: 30.76

Ok, I did not watch the match, but from following it on Cricinfo, it appeared that Anderson had bowled the best couple of deliveries of the irst day. And yet, his figures at the end of the day?
12, 0, 66, 1, 5.50
At the end of the Lords Test last year, Ian Chappel seemed convinced that Anderson had finally found his feet in international cricket, and that there would be a different bowler on . Clearly has not been the case. But credit to Taylor.


Soulberry said...

Anderson is an enigma. A bit like our own reesanth, but with greater pace and accurate hostility with the ball.

I watched him bowl yesterday - quite a few runs were unintended, and there were times he strayed (a la Sree).

There were people like Alan Donald who maximized their abilities. Anderson needs to do that. But how can you stop edges which fly over the keeper or the slips?

How are things John?

John said...

Things are great, Soulberry!! Have betrayed my city of employment and put 500 rupees on Mumbai.

I did not watch the match, just followed it online, so maybe you're right. The figures were not an adequate refection of the way he bowled.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Clearly Anderson found someone else's feet -like Agarkar. The ball that got How was a beauty alright -get out to something like that, and you make the highlights.