25 May 2008


Yes, yes, yes!!!

The Aussies are down. But will they stay down? An intriguing test match this, on a dodgy pitch, with the best Aussie batsmen out, and the West Indian pacers on fire. But what kind of a target is actually gettable on this pitch? The lead is already 136, and I don't fancy the Windies chasing anything more than 240 without Gayle. Unless of course the Chrab turns up for an encore.

Disco Dwayne!! So the IPL is not so debilitatng for Test match techniques, eh?


Anonymous said...

T20 has really affected Test cricket...the nerve of Taylor scoring at a blistering pace!

John said...

well, you got to say Kiwis could have shown better technique in the second dig. Taylor's strike rate is not a new phenomenon, Anon. Should be careful what we attribute to T20, good or bad.