29 May 2008

Frikkin lasers, dude!!

Somewhere in North Carolina. Circa 1985.

Modi: I'm seeing frikkin lasers, dude!!

Buddy: Dude, you're tiresome.

Modi: I'm serious, bro! And fireworks over Bangalore.

Buddy: Whaa??

Modi: And cheerleaders, man. I need to get some cheerleaders. And then go get me some poontang.

Buddy: What the fuck you goin on about, man?

Modi: Man, this shit's gonna be so awesaaam.

Buddy: What?

Modi: And Bollywood, biatch! Ain't no sunshine... if the B... er.. anyway, you get what I mean.

Buddy: No.

Modi: Cheerleaders too..

Buddy: Shut the fuck up. NO MORE DRUGS FOR YOU!!

Modi: Cruel bro.

Buddy: I swear if you open your mouth one more time, I will have to slap you.

Modi: That's it!! SLAPS! We need people slapping each other! And golden helmets. And cheerleaders.

(Thanks, Ottayan)


Q said...

Hahaha, funny stuff John!

John said...

Thanks, Q.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha... I came right from ott's blog and I instantly got it from the first few lines... cool dude modi... sly f@&K... been a ravee hunter all his life... amazing.

cheers john