21 April 2008

IPL notes

Napolean Einstein must play. Since JRod is the expert, I request him to take up a petition on behalf of Future Greatness.

Did anyone else think that Ravi Shastri's speech at the opening ceremony was a little too err..(for want of a better word) Nazi?

And in the Kings XI - CSK match, the boundaries were disgustingly small.

I wish Nehra would get his mojo back.

Zaheer Khan is now one of the coolest customers around.

Akshay Kumar is one of the few Bollywood stars I like, but he did look like much of a daredevil.

Boucher, McCullum, Dhoni, Kamran, Gilly - is this the tournament of the keepers?

Gilly said the pitch at Eden was a nightmare. Ya, so?


straight point said...

after seeing zaheer bowling and fielding the way he is (that run out of jayasuriya case in point)

is it i only who is wondering that he 'delayed' his fitness for ipl...thus escaping the hard work needed for test cricket??

John said...

I am not wondering. I am quite happy he did not play the Tests. At least Sree got a good Test workout since England.

Gaurav Sethi said...

akshay rocks alright, even tho he was left hanging, like a bird on a wire!

Shame about Nehra - he and Munaf are too similar in far too many ways.

John, sb said something about yr take on Nehra gng awry?

John said...

There are some marijuana insinuations.