23 April 2008

The Paradox

So, the Prince of Najafgarh finally fires. One of the biggest paradoxes in international cricket has been the seeming inability of Virender Sehwag to adjust to the abbreviated versions of the game. For a man whose game is most suited to the slam bang version, Sehwag has been more a Slater than a Gilchrist. Therefore, it was highly satisfying to see Viru fire yesterday.
But, having seen his game over the last several years, he could yet lapse into a spell of mediocrity.


Samir Chopra said...

Hopefully, I can watch the highlights of this!

BTW, John, can you drop me a line at samirchopra1 AT Yahoo DOT com?


Soulberry said...

I think it is the width offered by the bowler...in test matches, they tend to offer more and play to his strengths, especially in the opening spells where the advantage is lost. In limited overs, the line is far more stifling.

Saffers tied him up in subsequent test matches and he perished playing the far game close to his body. If only he didn't predetermine himself with his backfoot moving away so that his body rotates slightly facing the off all the time. That restricts his on side play and he finds trouble.