25 April 2008

Kaif is now a biffer also

Mohammed Kaif, after being dropped from the national team and consciousness, went below raar and set about playing cricket quietly. What soon became a murmur is now a buzz - never din-clang-drumroll. There were reports of heavy domestic scoring, but never quite enough to dislodge someone - ODIs or Tests. Once tipped as a future captain, the Kaifmachine had a problem with whacking the lofted shot out of the ground, though he was a master at working the angles to run, run, run. Not that it would have really mattered - his last Test innings, a classic in resistance against England at Nagpur, barely permitting India to escape with a draw, was ignored and he was dropped. So Kaif went back to the "provinces" and improved his hitting ability. And that was evident yesterday.


Soulberry said...

I didn't doubt his ability to hoick the ball over mid-wicket when required. The man needed to learn to be able to choose his game to match the one he was playing in. He was getting out of sync and needed to master the art of switching tracks as required.

Anonymous said...

I must admit he surprised me with that innings. Who would have expected Kaif to loft like those.