10 April 2008

My name is Piyush Chawla, NOT Babyface

Al Capone had to let his one time enforcer, Lester Joseph Gillis go, because he was too violent. Called Babyface Nelson for his youthful and tiny appearance, he had a psychopathic bent, and used a list of license plate numbers he had compiled, to hunt cops down. He took seventeen bullets before he died after a prolonged machine gun shootout in which he took out two policemen.

Since what will be known as the Mauling at Motera, Piyush Chawla has dramatically transformed from Babyface to Jesus Christ, getting talked up as the one man who is going to reduce Smith and co. to tears, come the third day. This messiahnic appeal draws from gross overestimations of his limited performances in one-dayers, where he is has only done just enough to suggest a great deal of talent and toughness - certainly not enough to burden him with the responsibility of carrying India back from the brink of a series defeat at home.

It is quite strange that this shit should happen because if the South Africans have done something in this series, it is to show that they have become surprisingly good against spin. If inducted into the XI for Kanpur, he will be under immense pressure. More so, if he is going to replace Anil Kumble. The only thing he has going for him is a face that'll make everyone want to step out of their crease and pet him.


Viswanathan said...
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Viswanathan said...

I take the SA claims of playing spin with a pinch of salt.

Chennai was a dead pitch, however Bhajji had a haul of 5 in the first innings. (Kumble had more than 1 if I remember correctly :))

Motera is an abberation - the whole team underperformed.

Kanpur should tell us how good they are in playing spin.

Gaurav Sethi said...

kids got something about him. Btw PC's played 1 test, scored 1 run and taken 1 wicket.

TM said...

Looks like McKenzie did want to step out and pat him on the head once!