21 April 2008

Legacy in a royal mess

Without Smith, Yousuf and Kamran, the Royals will rely on the combined might of Warne, Lehman, Kaif and Yusuf Pathan to win matches. Pitted against the megawatt stardom in all other teams, they look like domestic goat that wandered into the forest. At night. After a bath in chicken blood, wearing neon signs that say "Red Meat".

But one man, known as the Best Captain Australia Never Had, can change all that. On his day, and there are several of them, all he needs is four overs, to reduce grown men to tears. And that has nothing to do with their wives, or daughters. Or mothers. It will help if Warne came into bowl with a few wickets down. Where's Morne Morkel? Sohail Tanvir should be here soon as well.

And Dmitri? The Royals don't need others to gain what might turn out to be an unassailable lead.


Q said...

Not Yousuf John, its Younis whose signed on for the Royals.

And Kamran Akmal took a jet plane to get from Khi to jaipur before todays match.

John said...

Thanks, Q. Sorry for the mistake. I meant Younis. Kamran did look a little jaded yesterday, although there was a pull shot off Lee which was quite spectacular.

Q said...

I was surprised to see him play conidering that less than 24 hrs earlier he was playing across the border against the bengalis.

Apart from that pull, his stumping looked pretty sharp too.

straight point said...

why kaif wearing a permanent expression of doom on his face?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Cracker of a post, John. Prophetic too.

John said...

Thanks Gaurav. It was all about Warney yesterday.