17 April 2008

Not representative, this representative body

"We know that if someone came along and said let's do a 10-year, £1bn deal and create a world circus of cricket, we could take the top 200 players in the world into that circus if there is a guaranteed good income, good competition and good standard of living. All it would take is one broadcast deal."
- Ian Smith, FICA legal advisor
As the FICA raises the pitch of its rhetoric, Ian Smith and Tim May would do well to reflect on the colour of the FICA skin, and its crisis of legitimacy.
President : Barry Richards
Chief Exec: Tim May
Secretary: Tony Irish
Treasurer: Richard Bevan
Senior Vice President: David Graveny
The sole subcontinental representative in the leadership is Graeme Labrooy (Sri Lanka) who is described only as "General Committee Man". Hardly the kind of leadershp that can hope to bring cricket administration to its knees.


Homer said...


If all it takes is one broadcast deal, what has prevented the FICA or any of its constituent countries from doing just that?

200 cricketers from 4 countries - go for it, I say..

And while at it, FICA's legal advisor will do well to recognize the legal ramifications of breach of contracts by the players with their respective Boards and the IPL.

"So there's no trust between the top level of cricket administrators and the guys who play it. It's not the fault of the executive of the ICC - people like Malcolm Speed are good guys who do their best for the game. It's that the decisions of the ICC are governed by the board and the structure of the ICC is wrong for world cricket. They've cocked up on every single policy issue." - Wasn't Malcolm Speed the CA Chief Executive who hushed up the Warne-Waugh-bookie collusion in 1993/4?

Top bloke, Malcolm!!!


Homer said...



John said...

I am all for the objectives that FICA stands for, but I think they'll just end up shooting themselves in the foot if they do something without taking the Indian viewership into account. Any rebel league, requires subcontinental attention and revenues to be sustainable.